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Gamification Of E-Wallets with The Use of DeFi Technology-A Revisit to Digitization in Fintech

Nikhitha Yathiraju, Bibhu Dash

Digital and mobile payment systems have greatly simplified and streamlined monetary transactions and administration. However, despite the ease of use provided by these resources, issues must be fixed before they can be fully utilized. One such difficulty is the fact that electronic wallets are increasingly being used as game pieces. As a result, many specialists in the financial sector are looking for decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to establish safer and more effective means of handling money. This article examines the problems that gamified e-wallets face and the solutions that DeFi offers. DeFi's mission is to make banking accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Apps like Compound, Aave, Curve, or Yearn that operate on the block-chain and have smart contracts that enable sophisticated financial operations between users now offer users the option of locking funds in such contracts. They can then engage in various financial activities with their money, including lending, borrowing, and letting it earn interest. Annual percentage yields (APYs) can vary from about 5% to about 50% on the sites one finds if one looks closely enough, and this is entirely dependent on the assets only to invest in. DeFi’s future must be on several block-chains, and in this rapidly evolving landscape, the most easily adaptable projects will succeed. Like computer operating systems' interoperability, decentralized financial systems should work together. Companies may reach the most audience possible by creating apps for all the major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android, and Linux. There may be an increase in total development costs, but spending that extra money is well worth it.. .

Effect Of Electrical Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) On The Properties Of Asphalt Cement And Asphalt Concrete Mixtures: State Of The Art

Taisir Khedaywi, Tareq Al-Katttab, Mohammad A.T. Alsheyab

This paper aims at reviewing the effect of the Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) on the environment and the properties asphalt cement and asphalt concrete mixtures; by compiling the results of different researches conducted into the subject and comparing them with each other. Review analysis showed that although EAFD is classified as hazardous due to containing some heavy metals such as Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Lead or Cadmium, the EAFD is considered to be safe for the environment according to the multiple conducted leaching tests. Also, previous research showed that mixing EAFD with asphalt cement increases its specific gravity, softening point and flash & fire points and decreases the values of penetration and ductility. As for asphalt concrete, previous results of conducted research, showed that it increased the value of flow, and there was an increase then a decrease in the values of stability, unit weight and the Voids Filled with Binder (VFB), and finally a decrease then an increase in the value of the Voids in Mineral Aggregate (VMA). From the environmental impact viewpoint, the EAFD is considered to be safe for the environment according to the multiple conducted leaching tests. .

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