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Volume 4 Issue 2

Single Axis Solar Tracker with Weather Monitoring System

K. Bhargavi, N. Deepthi, K. Pujitha, N. Neelesh, Mrs. N. Malathi

A novel single axis solar tracking system designed for optimal solar energy harvesting, featuring a simplified structure and innovative adaptability to various environmental conditions. The system employs a photoelectric method for precise tracking, significantly outperforming fixed panel systems. Theoretical estimations comparing solar radiation values between the proposed system and a fixed panel with a 30° south-facing tilt demonstrate superior efficiency in energy collection. Experimental results validate these predictions, revealing a remarkable 24.6% increase in energy yield from the single axis solar tracking system compared to its fixed counterpart. Building upon this success, the study proposes extensions to the system, including advanced tracking algorithms, smart sensor integration, and IoT connectivity. Additionally, the incorporation of weather measurements, wind load analysis, and temperature compensation enhances the system's adaptability and reliability under various weather conditions. The extension aligns with a sustainable approach, promoting eco-friendly energy solutions. This comprehensive system demonstrates its potential value in small- and medium-sized photovoltaic applications, providing a versatile and efficient means of harnessing solar energy in a dynamically changing environment. The title "Single Axis Solar Tracker with Weather Monitoring System" encapsulates the essence of this research endeavor..

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