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Volume 2 Issue 12

Scientifically Based Measures To Combat Erosion Of Slope Lands In Azerbaijan

Prof. Dr. Z. H. Aliyev

Different geographical areas of the country have also been identified the possible distances between stripes on different slopes. Soil preparation should be carried out with a strip of 1–2 m in every 3–5 m in areas of 10–200 incidence, moderate to severe, and 1.5–3 m wide in each of the 2–3 m in severely washed areas of 20–300 m. trench to be dug. In large areas with more than 15-200 thick, thick soils and where the tractor can operate, deforestation should be carried out on terraces. On the slopes where heavily washed and often rigid rocks are exposed, soil preparation can be used to make yards and ditches..

Enhancing Nigeria’s Security Capacity Through Biotechnology

Ekpa, E. A, Micheal N. E, Amina S.B, Oluwatosin C.O, Oluwatosin Comfort Oluwatoyin

The race by developed Nations to enhance their security capacities in recent times calls for careful and deliberate actions by other third world countries. No less thanks to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. It seems bigger Nations are suddenly becoming bullies due to their perceived superior military might. Since everything is fair and square in war, all kinds of weapons including bioweapons are now been deployed in order to subdue opponents. Apart from these developed Nations who are constantly developing their defense capacity, rogue states and terrorist organizations are also exploring novel methods of creating weapons of mass destruction. The intentional release of traditional or combinatorial bioweapons remains one of the most important challenges that will continue to shape national and global security in the nearest future. Therefore, in order to use biotechnology for medical intelligence, forensic operations, bio-threat awareness, and mitigation, attention has to be redirected towards the development of molecular techniques in boosting our security system. This article is an attempt to highlight some of these benefits and challenges that field of biotechnology confronts in terms of biodefence. Issues related to the analysis of pathogen genomes and emerging methods and knowledge management and their impact on intelligence, forensics, biosecurity, and policymaking will also be discussed. The essence of the essay is a wake-up call to our authorities on the need to develop their local capacity via the instruments of science and technology especially biotechnology in order to ensure the security of our country..

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