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Mathematical Optimization for Molecular Effect Model in High Temperature Superconductors Lattice TET Pb Class compared to Tl Group [ TC > 0° ]

Francisco Casesnoves

The objective of this research article was to apply/compare Inverse Least Squares (ILS), 2D Numerical/Graphical Optimization in Molecular Effect model for two High Temperature Superconductors (HTSC) groups. These are Pb Tetragonal (TET) Lattice Class [ mostly TC > 0° ] and [ Tl-Sn-Pb-Ba-Si-Mn-Mg-Cu-O ] one constrained to those with TC > 0° C exclusively. Both groups show have got innovative electronics physics applications. Results are obtained with 2D optimization/simulations, classical ILS, 2D Interior Optimization, and 2D Graphical Optimization. Numerical and imaging solutions are obtained as in previous contributions with Tikhonov Regularization algorithms, at this stage depending on Molecular Mass uniquely. For Thallium HTSC Class results demonstrate/corroborate proven 2D sinusoidal analytic geometry model curve in former publications. Findings for Pb Tetragonal (TET) Lattice Class in Molecular Effect ILS optimization display acceptable theoretical Numerical, and 2D Graphical Optimization parabolic-like curves with low residuals. Complete results comprise two parts for these two HTSCs classes, the numerical modelling for TC Molecular Effect, and the ILS software/imaging methods. HTCS Electronics Physics are guessed from numerical and graphical results. .

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