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Publication Ethics, Peer Review Process And Plagiarism Policy

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The publishing of an article in a peer-reviewed journal IJESTI is an indispensable building block in the evolution of a consistent and respected network of knowledge. It is a direct expression of the character of the work of the writers and the foundations that hold them. Peer-reviewed articles support and substantiate the scientific method. It is thus significant to agree upon measures of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the routine of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher and the Society. The editor of the journal, IJESTI takes its responsibilities of guardianship over all phases of publishing extremely seriously and we recognize our ethical and other obligations.

Received manuscripts for review will be treated as confidential and all the manuscripts will undergo in the strict peer-review process by minimum two peer reviewers of the same theme. These peer review persons are from the Editorial Board members listed in the Journal Editorial Page. Upon reception of a submitted manuscript, the editor of the journal determines whether to eliminate the submission outright or begin the process of peer review based on the suitability towards publication. The writer/s will be responsible for the work done in the paper. If there any inaccuracy in the paper, it is the duty of the writer to inform about the mistake/s to the editor of the journal before publication. Peer reviewer helps the editor in making decisions towards publication of manuscripts and also helps in improving the quality of the paper and maintain the standard of the Publication.



There are many cases of plagiarism such as claiming the authorship of work by others, copying major parts of other research and applying the effects of research directed by other researchers. Whatever case of piracy is not acceptable and considered as unethical publishing behavior. Such manuscript will be turned away and if complaint happens to publish manuscript author will be the lone responsibility of that particular manuscript and liable to provide the compensation.



Responsibilities of the Editor

The Editorial Board Member, including managing editor will not reveal any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, other editorial advisers and the publisher, as appropriate

The editorial board member, including reviewers will evaluate manuscripts for their scientific application, intellectual capacity, and social benefit to society without respect to race, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual belief, ethnic origin, citizenship of the writer.

Publication Decision: Editor of the journal in the Publication decide which of the submitted manuscript should be reviewed or published. The editor is responsible for the selection of the manuscript for publication.


Role of Reviewers

Objectivity: Reviewer should follow the critique procedure, step by step set up by the editor of the journal in the Publication. Reviewers should be explanatory about the recommendation which gives rational support and justification.

Fast Track Review: Reviewers should request to complete the review process within the particular time span provided to them. Reviewers could also decline to review at their discretion, but should inform the editor right away about the refused by the mail.

Disclosure: Information or idea should not be used by reviewer obtains during reviewing process and should be maintained secret.

Conflict of Interest: Reviewers are free to refuse to review manuscripts in which they possess a difference of interest regarding competitive, collaborative or other relationship with any of the authors, companies or institutions connected to the manuscript.

Substantial Similarity: Reviewers should inform the editor about similarities or overlap between receiving manuscripts or any other manuscript reviewers are aware of.

Proper and Accurate Citation: Reviewers should identify the toxins and research content regarding scientific application and relevant published work that has not been mentioned by the generators.

Leading to The Editorial Decision: Reviewers can give their valuable suggestion to the authors to improve their submitted manuscript and help editors in making editorial publication decision.


 Role of Authors

Originality: Submitted manuscript should be original and authors must guarantee that this compliance is neither currently under consideration for publication.

Multiple or Concurrent Publication: Authors should not publish the same research in more than one journal. If the author submits the same manuscript to more than one journal it will be considered as unethical and is unacceptable. This will result in rejection of manuscript even after publishing.

Acknowledgement of the Work of Other: Work of others should be acknowledged by the authors. Site publication that has significant contribution to their submitted manuscript should be done by others. The unacknowledged work of others contributing to manuscript is unethical.

Accuracy: Fraudulent and inaccurate result constitute unethical and impossible. Reports and results, discussions, analysis should be precise.

Copyright of Accepted Manuscripts: Authors agree to the right of first publication of an accepted manuscript for publication will be transferred to every journal and copyright form should be duly signed by all the authors.

Significant Errors in Published Manuscript:  If there are any substantial errors found in the published manuscript, it is the responsibility of the writer to inform promptly to the journal editor of the Publication House and cooperate with them to even out their manuscript through the mail only.



  • Any improper and unethical thing which is given to highlight beside from all the roles, responsibility and duties of the author, editors, and reviewers mentioned above will be considered for discussion and its solution with concern.
  • Editors and reviewers and authors will have to rigorously abide by the above ethics and malpractice statements and editorial policy with terms and conditions.
  • The managing editors and editorial board member are not responsible for author expressed opinions,


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