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Screening And Characterization Of A Bacterial Amylase From Some Decaying Roadside Fruit Samples In Kaduna Township, Nigeria

Ekpa, Emmanuel, Bashir Bello Maimuna, Saleh Jamila , Adeleke Adeniran Mariam

Amylases have been isolated from various sources owing to their importance in many industrial applications. This current work is also another attempt to further explore cheaper and readily available microbial amylase with simultaneous aim of ridding the environment of some agro wastes which could constitute hazard to the environment. A total of four bacterial isolates from five decaying fruit samples were identified using simple pour plate technique of microbial culturing. They were further tested for their ability to produce amylases and isolates with high enzyme activity were pooled together into one composite sample for characterization studies. An optimum temperature and pH of 55ᴼC and 4 were respectively recorded for this amylase. While incubation period shows that enzyme activity was higher after 96 hours of incubation with enzyme been stable between 40- 65ᴼC. Effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity showed a Km of 0.02M and Vmax of 7.5µmole/ml/min respectively. Other parameters reported all point to the characteristics of this amylase as possessing a potential for future application in many industrial processes and saving a lot of foreign exchange for a country like Nigeria..

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January 2023