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Impact of COVID-19 on Privacy and Security Issues in Big Data

Dr. Shabnam Arora

Big data technologies are of tremendous interest to businesses, corporations and many large and small sectors. Its wide volume characterizes the critical need to manage big data. In particular, several conventional data processing methods and capabilities have proven unsatisfactory. The immediate need to control and cure the COVID-19 pandemic needed knowledge exchange between national and international organizations (e.g., virus and treatment data, contact tracing, multimedia data generated by telepresence applications such as Zoom, Google meet, etc.). The exchanging of details will contribute to the transmission of vast records, which will undoubtedly impact the privacy of the user. Thus, the transmission of big data, whether admissible under appropriate conditions or not, needs extra liability and cannot disregard the need to maintain privacy. This is only one indication of a recent pandemic usage of big data, and in an age of COVID-19 we will need better operational and technological steps to resolve protection and privacy concerns in the sense of big data applications. Big data protection issues are multifaceted with organizations working on cloud infrastructure. Security experts today are busier than ever before. But what is good quality protection and secrecy when it comes to a solution for business information? The emphasis of this paper is on protection and privacy concerns relating to Big Data in the cloud.

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